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Superwoman Slimdown Results

Here, we are it’s the end of this light cleanse. It was very different from everything I have tried so far because it was heavily based on legumes and grains. My energy level was high and my mental clarity as well. My bloating did not improve and my nose was still a little stuffy at night.

My measurements and my weight didn’t change, but I didn’t adhere to the recommended portions since I am nursing. Still, most nights, I went to bed feeling a bit “hungry ” because I am used to snacking in the evening and I wanted to follow the rule to not eat 2-3 hours before bed. Having jumped right into phase 2, I did this cleanse for only 7 days. Phase 1 was about eliminating gradually unwanted foods and most of them were already not part of my diet. I did not go through a proper phase 3, I decided to continue on with an autoimmune protocol as I suspect nuts, grains and legumes might be an issue for me. For this reason, I had a cheat day before jumping into my new plan. I had sourdough bread, wine, and gluten free homemade sweets. I woke up the next morning feeling sluggish. This demonstrates how well this plan had worked. Except for the one morning when I had a bit of a brain fog (which made me suspect other foods as the culprits). I felt so good! My only complaint is that I feel the recipes are too heavily based on grains and legumes. The meal plan allows for plenty of veggies (2 salads a day most days, plus the veggies hidden in the recipes), but I would have enjoyed more recipes without grains or legumes.

Although The Superwoman Slimdown is an accessible cleanse, helpful for those who would like to improve their eating habits, I don’t think I have found the Ultimate yet.

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After nightshades, beans and grains?

I am on day 6, phase 2, of the Superwoman Slimdown and I am experiencing a setback. I had been feeling very energetic , but today, I have a bit of a foggy brain.   I am still stuffy in the morning, my bloating hasn’t improved and now, this brain fog! It could be blamed on the fact that I had potatoes yesterday, but that doesn’t change the fact that my other symptoms have not improved. Just in case, I will go back to avoiding nightshades. However, being gluten sensitive, I suspect it could be that most of my meals contain some legumes and a bit of grains. Let me explain:  Oats and rice have proteins similar to gluten (avenir and orzenin). The Gluten Free Society has a very informative article on the topic. As for legumes (nuts and all grains too), they contain phytic acid, lectins, protease inhibitors, and phytoestrogens. Phytic acid and lectins are in many plant foods and are not always harmful, but they can be problematic for some of us.

Considering my experience and this information, I am going to tackle phase 3 differently. On day 8, I will reintroduce meat, which will allow me to eliminate all grains and legumes. I will still be within the guidelines of the Superwoman Slimdown as I won’t be reintroducing other foods, but I will share my results at that point and will officially start a new experiment: Dr. Amy Myers Autoimmune Solution. Time has come to move on. I was not sure about experimenting with the Paleo world again, since I am reluctant to make meat the focus of most meals (see the Problem with meat), but I felt that this was the option that had the most chance of yielding success at this point. An other good option would have been to pick a raw food program, but it’s cold here, in my part of the world right now, so I prefer conducting this experiment in a few months. For those who don’t know much about the Autoimmune Protocol, this page gives a great overview.

I know this will be difficult for me. I have gone Paleo before, but I have never given up nuts for longer than a week or so, and I have never sticked to anything so restrictive for this long (30 days). But this is partly why I started this blog isn’t?

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What about nightshades?

The Superwoman Slimdown program recommends to avoid nightshade vegetables.  And well, today, on day 5 of phase 2, I had some potatoes! I just couldn’t resist. But, to be honest, I never really believed that avoiding nightshades would be of great benefit to me. Here’s why:

1- There is no scientific data to support the idea that nightshades might cause health problems.

2- There is ample anecdotal evidence supporting the idea that nightshades might worsen joint and muscle pain, but I have never suffered from these problems.

3- There are documented cases of overconsumption  of nightshades causing mental illnesses, but again, that is not one of my problems.

4- The compounds in nightshades that are said to harm us in some cases also can heal and benefit us. For example, glycoalkaloids, natural pesticides produced by the nightshade plants are anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and help fight cancer (in laboratory studies).

So, I think I will keep enjoying all the bounties of the nightshade family, unless I discover myself a sensitivity.

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Detoxing for the breastfeeding mother

It’s January and well, like everyone else I wanted to implement some changes to loose a few pounds and improve my overall health. A detox seemed like a great idea, and after watching the Green Smoothie Girl’s mini masterclass, I was excited to get started on her detox protocol. However, I found out during the fourth video that pregnant and nursing mothers should NOT proceed with this detox. I am determined to do it someday, maybe next Fall, when my baby is older and mostly fed solids.  In the meantime, I had to find something that would allow me to detox safely. A little googling goes a long way and after a total of, maybe 10 seconds, I had found the Superwoman Slimdown. It’s a gentle cleanse that is plant based. During phase 1 over a period of seven days, the offending foods are removed (alcohol, caffeine, sugars, processed foods, dairy, animal proteins, soy, corn, gluten, nightshade plants). The next seven days, the cleanse phase, is dedicated to sticking to the plan and restoring health. The last phase, is the reintroduction phase. Each food is reintroduced one at a time and it is important to wait 3 days between each new introduction. The program comes with a journal to fill out, so on day 7 to 10, I will give an account of my results. Now, I am at the end of day 4 of phase 2 and I feel really good. I jumped in phase 2 right away because my diet was already very close to what was expected. I only had to eliminate animal proteins and sugar.

I will give a little more info about the program when I will write about my results, but for now, a few things breastfeeding mothers should keep in mind before embarking on a detox:

1- Toxins can be transferred to the baby through breast milk, that is why it is very important to detox gently.

2- Milk production can be affected by a lack of food, it is important for the breastfeeding mother to satisfy her nutritional requirements.

3- Detoxing can be achieved through other means than food. For example, oil pulling, dry skin brushing and eliminating toxic chemicals in the home. It’s a good idea for the breastfeeding mother to be focusing on these rather than eliminating food from her diet.

Nourishing a new baby is a very important job, and the primary principle is to simply insure the health of the nursing mother. Also, there are practices that help detoxing and that don’t compromise milk production.