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Dr. Amy Myers Autoimmune Solution Results and Review

It has finally been a month! And it wasn’t an easy month! I really enjoy having nuts and seeds as well as gluten free grains and legumes. I missed them and felt deprived many times. I also cheated a few times, but I really tried hard to be as strict as possible. The main problem was that I didn’t see results. In fact, after over a week of really sticking to the program, I felt awful, I think my body may have been fighting a virus that was going around. My health problems are not extremely serious (fatigue, brain fog, sinus congestion) and they usually don’t interfere too much with my life, but there has been many times when I have seen drastic improvements over a few days just by cleaning up my diet. In this case, there was no improvement at all (coming from a gluten free dairy free lifestyle). I have been trying to loose an extra 5 pounds that I gained during my last pregnancy and that my body has been hanging on to. In the past, going grain free has been the most reliable way to loose weight. For some reason, this time, I didn’t loose any weight.

As far as Dr. Amy Myers Autoimmune Solution program goes, it’s a good program with lots of information and interesting resources. It is divided into six lessons: Understanding Autoimmunity, Heal your Gut, Get Rid if Gluten, Grains and Legumes, Tame the Toxins, Heal your Infections and Relieve your Stress, the Myers Way for Life. The videos included in the lessons are interesting and the symptom tracker could be helpful if, unlike me, one was going to use it. The program doesn’t require too much time in the kitchen and allows for using leftovers as a mean to cut down on cooking time. I think it would provide just enough diversity for a lot of people (I recently read that most of us use a repertoire of 12 recipes that we cook over and over again), but as someone who rarely cooks the same thing more than once, I got incredibly bored with the options offered. I had to look at three other autoimmune cookbooks (He Won’t Know it’s Paleo, The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook and the Paleo Approach Cookbook to find more inspiration.

In conclusion, I know the autoimmune protocol has been helping a lot of people. I also know that no matter what your health problem is, eliminating trigger foods is the most important step. Grains and legumes are said to be inflammatory to the body, because they contain phytic acid, phytates, lectins and prolamins. They also contribute to an omega 3/omega 6 imbalance (The Paleo Approach is my source on that statement) they rob the body from important minerals (since phytates bind to calcium, iron and other minerals) and they are not very nutrient dense (calories to calories compared to meat and veggies). I don’t find that eliminating grains makes me better, and the claim that meat is harder for the body to digest than plant foods makes more sense to me. Those who are in favor of eating more meat rather than plant foods argue that the human body is not designed to break down cellulose. I argue back that the cellulose (fiber) is the ultimate anti-cancer food (colorectal, pancreatic and breast cancers) and even phytic acid seems to have some anti-cancer properties! In the end, it looks like I haven’t found the Ultimate diet yet.

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After nightshades, beans and grains?

I am on day 6, phase 2, of the Superwoman Slimdown and I am experiencing a setback. I had been feeling very energetic , but today, I have a bit of a foggy brain.   I am still stuffy in the morning, my bloating hasn’t improved and now, this brain fog! It could be blamed on the fact that I had potatoes yesterday, but that doesn’t change the fact that my other symptoms have not improved. Just in case, I will go back to avoiding nightshades. However, being gluten sensitive, I suspect it could be that most of my meals contain some legumes and a bit of grains. Let me explain:  Oats and rice have proteins similar to gluten (avenir and orzenin). The Gluten Free Society has a very informative article on the topic. As for legumes (nuts and all grains too), they contain phytic acid, lectins, protease inhibitors, and phytoestrogens. Phytic acid and lectins are in many plant foods and are not always harmful, but they can be problematic for some of us.

Considering my experience and this information, I am going to tackle phase 3 differently. On day 8, I will reintroduce meat, which will allow me to eliminate all grains and legumes. I will still be within the guidelines of the Superwoman Slimdown as I won’t be reintroducing other foods, but I will share my results at that point and will officially start a new experiment: Dr. Amy Myers Autoimmune Solution. Time has come to move on. I was not sure about experimenting with the Paleo world again, since I am reluctant to make meat the focus of most meals (see the Problem with meat), but I felt that this was the option that had the most chance of yielding success at this point. An other good option would have been to pick a raw food program, but it’s cold here, in my part of the world right now, so I prefer conducting this experiment in a few months. For those who don’t know much about the Autoimmune Protocol, this page gives a great overview.

I know this will be difficult for me. I have gone Paleo before, but I have never given up nuts for longer than a week or so, and I have never sticked to anything so restrictive for this long (30 days). But this is partly why I started this blog isn’t?